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Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop

As of 2021, I will be offering guided fly fishing trips out of Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop in Saint Paul, Minnesota. If you’re interested in getting out to explore the waters for trout in the Driftless Area, or warm water species (smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, pike, musky…even bluegill!) on the many lakes and rivers we have around the Twin Cities. Book a trip today!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at or call/text (708) 655-5927 or contact call (612) 293-8058. If you want to fish with me don’t forget to request me!

Driftless Trout Wading Trip

When someone imagines fly fishing, this is what they picture. The Driftless Area in MN and WI is home to hundreds of spring creeks and tall limestone bluffs surrounded by forests. There are several different fisheries to choose from in MN and WI that are a short drive from the fly shop. These streams have remarkable trout populations and are all easily accessible by foot. Our guides will lead the way to brown, brook and rainbow trout. This trip can be tailored for any skill level. Winter and Night fishing options available.

Float and Boat Trips

Interested in catching smallmouth bass, northern pike, or musky on the fly? Minnesota is a warmwater fishing paradise! In addition to many lakes, there’s also lots of great rivers near the fly shop. Our knowledgeable guides know these waters well. When floating in either a drift boat or raft down a river, or cruising the lakes on a motorboat, you’ll cover more water than wading. All our boats are easy to fish from and are stabile through rough waters. These trips can be tailored to any skill level. Multiday trip options available.

Beginner’s Fly Fishing Trips

These trips are designed for novice anglers looking to gain more on-the-water experience. Our guides will help fine-tune your skills: casting, reading water, fly selection, and more. You’ll also learn good spots to fish on your own! Available as a wade trip for trout or urban fish only.

Urban Adventure

On this urban adventure you will fish some of the most famous and overlooked waters in the metro. Wade the city lakes and rivers hammering bass on poppers, or testing your wit on carp. This trip can be tailored for any skill level.

I’ve never caught so many small fish in my life! This guided fly fishing trip rules!

-Unknown Person that’s fished with Carf.

Let’s catch some fish.