It’s mid April, and it snowed.   It snowed a lot.   14-16 inches of snow fell over the weekend. Oh, and there’s still roughly […]


I would just like to let all of you know, that it is possible for nightmares to become reality.  While in the Boundary Waters 2 […]

Light Box

Last summer I purchased a light box, and I am just now starting to fool around with it.  I’m really happy with the purchase, and […]


  I am moving to Minnesota.     Yep, you read that right.  I, Justin M. Carfagnini, am picking up and leaving the state of […]

I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving. Eat lots of good food! Don’t go waiting in lines after dinner or the day after.  Get […]

Chicago Cubs Did It

I know this is old news by now, but the Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions!!! Howard (Windknots and Tangled Lines) – Mark (Northern California […]


  The Chicago Cubs are going to the World Series! Unfortunately, I didn’t have a ticket to the game, but that didn’t stop me from […]

Open Mic Night

I am back from my trip, alive and well, refreshed and rejuvenated.  Although, I wish I could have stayed out in the wilderness a few […]

I’m Back!

Just like Michael Jordan in 1995….I’m Back!!!! I just want to say, thank you, to all of those who have stuck around.  I wasn’t quite […]

Merry Christmas!

I would just like to say, Merry Christmas, to all of you and your families!  I hope you all have some extra days off from […]