The Flyfish Journal Winter 2021

The Flyfish Journal Winter 2021 issue started has been shipped out. Honored and excited to have another photo within these pages. My excitement from having my first photo published in the Summer 2021 issue has still not settled, and this is an excellent way to cap off my year.

First Fly Fishing College of 2021

The first Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop Fly Fishing College class of 2021 is in the books, and we had such a great group! If you’re not familiar with the course offered at Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop, it’s an in depth over view on the basics of fly fishing. It’s a great course for anyone who is brand new or curious about learning to fly fish.

First Guided Trip of 2021

My first guided trip of 2021 with Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop // Fishing For All LLC is officially in the books and I am excited for many more this season.

Exploring Public Land in Wisconsin

Needed some new scenery, so, I opened up my OnX app and found some public land in Wisconsin to do some exploring for turkey and […]


One of my friends saw that I was on the Carf #icatchsmallfishtour2018 and invited me along to go fish some of his favorite brook trout […]


PART ONE Text from GRANT:  Jim and I are heading South.  Leaving from BMFS at 6:30. 12 Hours later…. Reply text from ME:  I’m in. […]


Found myself in Wisconsin with some time to spare, so, I did the logical thing….I went trout fishing.  I was out and about enjoying the […]


This is a super late post, but back in March…or was it April.  I have no idea.  Sometime this early Spring I went fishing.  It […]