Took A Walk

I left the fishing rods at home, and opted to take a walk around the forest preserve down the street from my home. I recently […]

New Toy

Received some awards points from my employer to use towards a prize/gift/small bonus. I cannot wait to start using this for my fly tying. I […]

Goat Head Gear Sole Spikes

I’ve been following Goat Head Gear on Instagram for a long while now, and their product seems to have a solid following, and I really […]


Not the fishing type of skunk, either. Like every morning before I let my dogs out in the yard at 3:30 AM, I turn the […]

My New Ride

Back in September 2012 my Toyota Matrix was totaled when I hit a deer, and then was hit by 2 other vehicles on my way […]

Great Lakes Kayak Fishing Series: Bass

Tournament number 2 of the Great Lakes Kayak Fishing Series. The day – June 14th…Flag Day…My birthday! The location – A large stretch of the […]


In a recent post, I mentioned that I have never caught a bass using a frog lure with my bait caster. I have tried countless […]


Took one of my good friends DANK, and another buddy GEO to the honey hole I found last year for the first time. I’ve been […]