Took a short day trip to visit my Grandparents at Fish Lake. One of my cousins was up there and wanted to fish. After dinner my cousin grabbed one of my grandpa’s fishing rods and his tackle box. We quickly sifted through it, and he asked my advice on what to use. It was a mix of old and new lures. I was intrigued by a few of the older ones.
Here’s an old popper I found in the tackle box. It has a light wire in the front that serves as a weed guard. This was my favorite find in the tackle box. He used to toss this with an ultra light spinning rod. Very cool!!
Unfortunately, this lake apparently had an extremely bad fish kill this past winter. Lots of reports and locals indicated that a frightening number of bass, crappie, and other fish were casualties.
Golden roach. There were schools of these guys around the fishing piers. There were some with more size.

I ended the evening catching a few golden roaches, and one small bass tossing a black and red gotcha fly with my 3 wt. My cousin tossed every small lure he brought, with no luck. I’ll get him hooked up next time!

My cousin Giacomo looking for his first fish of the year….It didn’t come this night.

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  1. JustinThat tackle box brings back some memories of when I use to fish the Lucky 13 top water lure, I believe I see one in the tackle box. Thanks for sharing

  2. Looks like grampa has some classic lures in there. My great grandfather's tackle box held osme suprises. I am actually thinking of doing a short searies on some of the flies he userd to sling on a bamboo flyrod with a big automatic reel while smoking Paul Mauls.

  3. Old lures are cool. I never get tired of looking at them. I wonder if any of the manufacturers will come out with a \”vintage\” line to try and reproduce the favorites.

  4. I really like that idea, man! I always enjoy the old lures on display at outdoor shows. It's cool to see how they have evolved, and to see what similarities they still have with the new ones.

  5. I had to google that lure…He definitely did have one of those in there, a red and white one, but I if my memory serves me correct, it was a fairly newer lure. Possibly a replacement. I know I usually sticks with what works, and if I like it, I will buy multiples.

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