Far too many people over look the bluegill, and think of it as an annoying fish…

I can guarantee when those same people started out fishing, one of their first fish was a bluegill.

Next time you catch a bluegill, take a closer look at it, and you will find an array of colors revealing a beautiful fish. A fish that’s always willing to bite, and save the day of a skunk.

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  1. They are amazing. Problem is they are poorly managed andnormally stunted for one reason or another. I have only caught one good sized gill in my adult life, and that is a shame.

  2. Well, I ain't a kid by a long ways anymore. and, I still love the begeebers out of catching Bluegill. Simplicity, says it all!

  3. Speaking of color, the minute the bluegill comes to hand out of the water is when it displays it's most brilliant colors—these fish are a passion for me, not to mention the table fare they provide–thanks for sharing

  4. I will take catching bluegills all day long. Even the smallest ones can put a good bend in my 3WT.Last year i went to michigan and fished my buddy's private late and those things were massive! It was one of the most fun days of fishing i had.

  5. Very true. The lake right by my house – Wood Dale Grove – only has small ones, and there are millions of them. My honey hole has huge ones, and they're is an excellent population of them, and the lake is not managed.

  6. Yep! I'm not a kid anymore, either. (My girlfriend would argue that) and I still love catching these little guys. They're so much fun, and for their size, they sure are aggressive.

  7. Most definitely! The sunfish and warmouths (I throw those all in the same category) display such amazing colors. Bright blue and orange accents are sometimes so distinct that you would have thought they came from a tropical place.

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