The date for the 2023 BMFS (Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop) Gear Swap has been set, and it’s going to be Saturday April 29, 2023. There’s always a big turn out at the gear swap, and for good reason. It’s a fantastic place to find a great deal used gear. If you’re just getting started in fly fishing, this is a great starting place to acquire some gear of your own. The shop also has some items on sale, as well.

2023 BMFS Gear Swap

Now if you’re looking to unload some of the gear that you’ve acquired throughout the years, there’s no better place. You can start dropping off gear at the shop on April 15th up until April 27th. When your items sell you will either receive 80% cash back or 100% in store credit.

In past years there have been a few of our sales reps with new gear to showcase. Last year our Farbank Sales Rep set up a whole lineup of the new Sage R8 Core fly rods set up and ready to test cast. If Dave is there this year, I’m sure he’ll have the new Sage R8 Salt lineup for all to test cast. I’m hoping he is. I’m kind of in the market for a new 10 wt salt water fly rod.

2023 BMFS Gear Swap

If you need more information about the 2023 BMFS Gear Swap, just contact the shop or stop in! Hope to see you there taking advantage of all of the deals for the upcoming fishing season!

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