It’s warm water season, and the bass are going to want to eat some bigger bugs off the surface.  Top water bass fishing is no doubt my favorite type of fishing.  5 – 7 wt rods with a floating line while fishing lakes or rivers.  It’s a blast!
Below you’ll find some advanced instructions on how to achieve a popper that will get the job done, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment sections or shoot me a message.
Step 1 – Take your Partridge of Redditch popper hook and place it in your vise.
Step 2 – Tie in a clump of Lund’s Fly Shop Misfit Wampa Hair for a tail.
Step 3 – Tie in a small amount of flash over the top of the Wampa Hair.
Step 4 – Tie in 2 small hackles from your Whitings Farms bugger pack.
Step 5 – Tie in your Polar Chenille to make a hot spot in the middle of the fly.
Step 6 – Put some superglue down on the thread that the body will be pushed on, and push on the body.
Step 7 (optional) – Poke through some rubber legs on the side to add some extra wiggle.
Step 8 – Super glue some eye on the popper body.
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