Other than the tried and true effectiveness of the woolly bugger, the clouser minnow is one of the most versatile and effective fly patterns out there.  A true work horse of a fly that is effective in any body of water from a small pond to any of the Oceans.
Seriously, though.  Anything will eat it.
Material List for these particular Clouser Minnows
Eyes – 4.0 mm Dumbbell eyes
Bottom – White Bucktail
Top – Olive Bucktail
Finished off some Sally’s.

I have 18 more to tie up to fulfill an order.  Chartreuse, Red, and Gray, so, 6 of each color.  Then they’re getting shipped to Florida.  Already looking forward to seeing some of those huge Florida bass that these hook up with.
Prep work is a must when tying a bunch of 1 pattern.

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