The Confluence Collective Virtual Noob Series is something you should keep on your radar if you’ve been interested in fly tying. This community learning series is also great if you need a refresher, or just need some entertainment while you’re stuck in the house.

Confluence Collective Virtual Noob Fly Tying Series

Caption from a Confluence Collective post about the Virtual Noob Series – “We’ve heard from quite a few anglers that fly tying is especially of interest these days. Us too! Virtual Noob Fly Tying will be a series of LIVE sessions featuring an expert and a total vise noob, working through a pattern in real time. This won’t be your one-sided YouTube tutorial: we’re celebrating the learning process and giving you an accurate sense of what you’re getting into, with all the messy and hilarious parts uncut. Fly tying should feel like something anyone can do, so let’s portray it as such!”

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