After Day One of my Winter Driftless trip, my buddy Adam, and I were in dire need of some food and drink.  While I was driving, Adam, was naming off places he was finding near our hotel in Dodgeville, Wisconsin….
McDonalds – No.
Burger King – No.
Hardee’s – Hell No.
Culvers – Maybe.
A&W – Maybe.
Bob’s Bitchin’ BBQ – Did you just say bitchin’?  Really?????
I think we were both sold on the name alone, and I mean, how could you resist some barbecue.  After finding it and driving past, it didn’t look like much, but once we stepped inside the place was big, and it was PACKED.  Everyone in Dodgeville and surrounding towns must have been there.  The Hostess told us it’d be an hour wait.  Starving, but intrigued by the place, we decided it was a good idea to grab a beer at the bar and wait.
The BBQ was definitely Bitchin’ 
The food lived up to expectations.  I forgot what Adam had, but I ordered the sample platter and chose the beef brisket, smoked sausage, and smoked pork chop.  It came with cornbread and 2 sides of your choice, and I chose the mac n cheese, and sweet potato fries.  They had a bunch of different BBQ sauces that they make on the table.  All of them were great, but my go to was the habanero bbq sauce.
It never had a chance.
Well worth the wait, and would definitely make a return trip there in the future.

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