So, I took a 4 day trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin with my buddy Fat Gordo. We drove around in search of any water we could find to fish. We fished some rivers, and we fished some lakes…pretty much just stopping when we saw something fishable. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. It was a great trip!

The top water bite was on. The smallies were loving the fire tiger Todd’s wiggle worm I was tossing.

I love these Northwoods smallies. They all fought way bigger than they were.
An underwater release shot I got of this smallie with his war paint on, all ready for battle, again.
When I’m in Wisconsin, I just cannot pass up picking up a 6 pack or 2 of some of Wisconsin’s finest beer. New Glarus Brewing Co. This was my first time having Moon Man, and it did not disappoint.
Lucid Fishing Grips helping me handle the toothy pike. Check out them eyes!
I didn’t take a measurement, but this pike is way bigger than my personal best 25″ northern pike.
The Fat Gordo hooking up with some chunky smallface bass. 
Replacing the studs on my wading boots, and eating dinner. Turkey and Dorito’s sandwich.
The nicest fish I caught all trip. What a freakin’ beauty!!!!!! My face doesn’t show it, but I am beyond psyched! (I’ve got a good poker face.) This one took a swim jig with a Stankx Bait Co. mudbugz trailer in the Gobi Wan color pattern. Killer!
Just another shot of the beauty with me holding back my excitement –  I really don’t know why I wasn’t smiling in those pictures, Haha. I was really pumped up, that’s for sure.
Pulling over on the shoulder to cast a frog in some of the best lilly pads I’ve ever seen while my buddy watched. I went 1 for 2. I got too excited for the 2nd fish and set the hook well before it had it.
3 days of turkey Dorito sandwiches will make you want a whole pizza to yourself.
My favorite shot of the trip.
The smallies up there are something else. They fight they put up is second to none. I absolutely cannot wait to return up there. There’s a ridiculous amount of water up there just waiting for me to explore it some more. Big thanks to the fishing gods, we were able to catch a few!

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  1. Bro, you are in God’s country there, I love it! And those smallies are gorgeous! I haven’t fished a whole lot for smallies in the past but the ones I have caught put up a hell of a fight! do you fly fish and spin fish?

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