On a recent trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin, The Fat Gordo and I took a walk. Instead of wading back to our camp, we decided to take the unbeaten path through the forest. We actually just followed some deer paths.
There was quite a bit of rain that week, so, there was quite a bit of mud. You would have thought it had rained frogs with the amount of frogs we came across while hiking.
We also, came across quite a few different types of mushrooms. I bought and read a book last year so I could better ID the different types of fungi that I would come across, but I did not do a good job of studying it, because, I couldn’t ID any of them. Haha
Can you ID it?
A better picture of that bald eagle. It wasn’t part of the hike, but who doesn’t like looking at this magnificent bird of prey.
One of the things that we were surprised about on our hike, and our trips up here was the lack of wildlife sightings. Yeah, we did see fish, frogs, bald eagles, and few squirrels, but what we thought was missing were the deer, hawks, minks, and beavers. We didn’t see any of those. Maybe next year. I’m really hoping to run into some black bears and wolves next year, too….at a safe distance of course. 🙂
Another shot of The Fat Gordo crossing a mini swamp on a fallen tree.

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  1. As a youngster, I spent a little time in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. My dad was big on Sturgeon Bay, Ellison Bay, and some place called Deer (Park maybe) something.

  2. Good looking country up there, Justin. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Nice job with the camera. Love Eagles, but, Frogs are o.k. too………………..

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