This past weekend, UA Dave and myself jumped in my car at 330/4 AM and started our drive North.  The destination was +Brian J Smolinski shop – Lund’s Fly Shop in River Falls, Wisconsin which is just about 40 minutes Southeast of Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
We were headed up for the River Falls Fly Fishing Festival, which consisted of the F3T on Friday night, and a Fly Fishing Expo on Saturday…and of course we had to do some fishing while up there.  We arrived at the shop around 9:30, and it was hard not to give Brian all of my money for all of the awesome things he had in his shop.  Haha  We hung out for a bit, and then went to fish, but not without being told where and what to use.
CARF Outdoors sticker has been added to the Lunds Fly Shop Vault.  Honored!  Can you spot it???
After leaving the shop, Dave and I, drove 5 minutes to the spot we were told would be good for fishing, and guess what we did next…fished.  Dave hooked up with his first 2 Wisconsin trout, both were browns, and both came when we were at the end of our fishing outing and I was waiting on the bank thinking about sandwiches and beer.
Fishing the Lower Kinni.  UA Dave in the distance
Dave trying to entice some risers.  No dice.

After fishing, we checked into our hotel and then headed over to the University of Wisconsin – River Falls campus to where the F3T event was being held.  The doors opened at 5 PM and the show didn’t start until 7 PM.  During this time, Dave and I were able to set up shop with our fly tying gear and flies that we had for sale on the balcony near the ticket table.  There were a few other fly tyers and artists that had tables, as well.  Sort of a mini expo before the films started.

Whippin’ up some Esox Bugs.
CARF Outdoors setup.
Dave getting down on some BBQ Pulled Pork and adding extra flavor to his flies.

There were a few other great fly tyers that had tables as well. (I forgot to take pictures of their tables. #fail)

  • Gabe Schubert – Gabe ties some of thee MOST impressive musky flies I have ever seen in my life.  One word to describe his work, “WOW.
  • Andy Selvig – Andy ties some really awesome intruder style flies that I don’t know if I would display or fish them.
  • Aaron Przybylski – Aaron ties some really awesome small baitfish, that scream to bass and trout “EAT ME!
Website – Kevin Lovegreen
Kevin Lovegreen is an Author of outdoor books for kids.  He had some great stuff that are easy reads, and will not only help kids get away from video games, but they will certainly help with their reading skills, and get them excited about fishing, hunting, and the outdoors.  Some really great stuff!!
Website – Josh DeSmit Art
Josh has some serious talent, as you can see from the painting of the brown trout above.  If you’re into fishing, hunting, or can simply appreciate art, I highly suggest you check out his website and admire his work.  I have.
The F3T was great, and there were soooo many people!  The attendance doubled what I’m used to seeing here in the Chicago area.  There were also a ton of awesome raffle prizes that were donated to the event by some great sponsors.  The films that I found most memorable were Turning Points North, GEO BASS, and Tidewater.
Day 1 in the books.  It was a great day of fishing, tying, and meeting so many awesome people.  Be on the look out for Day 2.

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