Floated the Fox River with my homie UA-Dave (Urban Assault Fly Fishing) and his canoe, in search of anything that would bite.  While driving in the morning my car thermometer was saying it was 32 degrees outside, and it felt every bit of it.  I knew the catching was going to be tough.  Dave ended the day with 1 smallie caught in a great section of water that would more than likely produce a fish every cast, and I finished with 2.

It was a fun float on an unfamiliar section of the river, we both caught fish, and we found a great bar with awesome food and drink to end the day.

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  1. Well first off, that's a great video Justin. Looks like a really nice place to wet a line. Now, about the rock stacking…are you sure you didn't do that for my benefit? If so, thanks. :\\

  2. Thank you, Howard! It's a great river that I have neglected all year. Haha I promise I did not do that. It was so strange, because, we were in an area of the river that did not look like it had shore access and the only way to get there was by kayak or canoe. Once I spotted them, I immediately thought of you, and laughed. I didn't think I would see such a thing here.

  3. Its been 15 years since I last fished it, but you never know what you'll get in the Fox. Between South Elgin and Batavia, there are nice Smallies, big Walleyes, good Muskies, Carp, White Bass….and I knew a guy that had caught a couple trout and even an Oscar from the river! Pretty neat river…wide and shallow with a rocky bottom.

  4. You've got that right! You never know what you're going to get. I'm still on the hunt for my first Fox musky. The smallies are my favorite. I have yet to catch a walleye on the river. Maybe I'll hook up with some as the waters around here get colder and I start to target the dams.Trout!!!!! That's just crazy!!! haha

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