I am in the fly tying zone, as of late.

Recently, finished a few orders for some flies. Really cool to have someone reach out and offer to buy something that you’ve created. Even cooler to think that the flies that I tied will end up in some fish faces not from my neck of the woods. These are my first flies using Hareline Dubbin Senyo Laser Dub…excellent material, and super easy to use! I might be addicted to it.

Some clousers and San Juan worms. (The tips have since been burned.)
New patters!
Really cool to see that Clear Cure Goo used one of my flies for their cover picture on Facebook.
Articulated and Sassy!! – Check out those eyes. They say “Bite Me”
Keep your eye on the look out for some great deals. Found this one at Target on one of the end caps. It’s too bad there wasn’t anymore or other colors. Definitely, a steal! 
These are going to be awesome for panfish, and small creek smallies.

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