Received my materials for Blane Chocklett’s “Game Changer” last week. I was able to tie only one so far. Let me just say, changing the game takes forever! haha. I’m sure as I tie more of them, the time per fly will decrease. The most time consuming part of this tie is shaping the fibers. I am still not happy with the shape of it, and I am still trimming the fly every once in awhile. Unfortunalty, the I’ve been too busy to get this fly wet. I am hopeful that I will get to toss it sometime this week. Fingers croseed that it moves like it’s supposed to, and attracts the big bass I am looking for.

Fish Skull Fish Spine
CCT Body Fur
CCG Monster Eyes
2/0 Allen Fly Fishing Hook
Trailer Hook

Game Changer complete with a trailer hook in the tail.

Not a game changer, but it’s made with a 55mm fish skull articulated shank. Here’s the meat!

Material List:
Fish Skull Articulated Shank – 55mm
2/0 Allen Fly Fishing Hook
Trailer hook
EP fibers Red & Black
CCG Solar Flare Eyes

This will be looking for northern pike & musky.

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