Goose Island’s Bourbon County Bourbon Stout. A delicious 14.2 % ABV that has a ridiculous amount of flavor. If you come across it, and haven’t had it, I highly recommend that you purchase it, and give it a go. I’m not much of a bourbon fan, but the first time I had this stuff, I was like WOW. I believe this beer is best when it’s at room temperature. It allows all of those flavors to come out even more.
The popularity of craft beer has sky rocketed, and has gotten out of control. I was only able to score 1 bottle this year. I’m sure I will find some more as the days go on, but I am not one to stand in those “Black Friday” type lines for anything, let alone beer. Ha!
Are there any others out there who enjoy craft beer?

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  1. Well, this stuff is very tasty. I'm sure if you had a sip, you would enjoy it. Finding it, though, that's just a headache. haha

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