Let the 2017 Grander Slam games begin!
The week long contest kicked off on Friday the 16th at 6 PM with a run down of the rules at Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop.  The rules will clear and simple – Don’t be a dick.
Wasting no time this weekend, I did quite a bit of fishing.  I am traveling to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for a work training thing, and I’ll be gone until Friday the 23rd…the day the contest ends. **UPDATE** I am not a smart man.  I was kindly reminded the contest ends Sunday 6/25.  That gives me more time to fish. 🙂 Thanks, Rhea!
It’s Monday morning now, and I am pretty much done fishing until this coming Friday when I return.  I’ll have a few hours before the final buzzer and I’m hoping to knock off a few more fish, but we’ll see.  For now, below you’ll find what I’ve caught.  I’m positive that this will not be enough to win it, but whatever, it was fun!
Species: Bluegill
Length: 7.25 inches
Species: White Crappie
Length: 6.25 inches
Species: Green Sunfish
Length: 4.25 inches
Species: Pumpkinseed
Length: 5.75 inches
Species: Largemouth Bass
Length: 15 inches
Species: Blue Floss Fish
Length: 2.75 inches
To keep up with all of the 2017 Grander Slam action search the hashtag on social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.)

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