One of my favorite craft beers was recently released – Hop Slam by Bell’s Brewery. A few of my friends took a road trip to the brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan. They informed me that the brewery and local stores were sold out of the beer, so, my only hope was to wait until it was distributed to the Chicagoland area, and even then I wasn’t guaranteed to get it.
Fortunately for me, my GF and her mom are awesome, and were able to find a 6 pack for me! Woo-Hoo! A big THANK YOU goes out to them!
Hop Slam glassware

Poured myself a few of those that night, caught up with a show I started watching with the GF, and tied up some buggers for my personal stash. Loving the Vedavoo bench basin! 

These buggers do well for me on the lakes and ponds that are in my area.
Here’s the material list:
1. Black Marabou tail
2. Two Strands of silver crystal flash
3. Olive medium chenille for the body
4. Black Saddle Hackle Feather for the head
5. Cone bead (put on before any of the other materials)
Sticker from @WYCOFLYCO on Instagram

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