HELL FUCKING YEAH!!!!” – Justin Carfagnini
There really are no other words that could express my excitement, except for those above, in bold capital letters. 
I’ve been hunting this fish for awhile now. Every outing in musky waters I have gotten closer and closer to landing one. From the follows, swipes, blisters, broken leaders, lost flies, broken rods, sore shoulders, and beaten down confidence, I finally caught my mythical creature, I finally, got my musky.
This was such a special catch for me. Not only did I just catch my first musky, it was a wild musky. I caught it while utilizing my preferred method of fishing – fly fishing, and on a fly that I tied! EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS!!
It was also my first outing with my brand new 10 wt rod that Ed over at FSA Custom Rods finished just days before. The rod is now named “Dragon Slayer.”
I’m not really big on weighing or measure fish, but I estimated this one to be about 20 inches, but who cares…it’s a musky!!!!
I have stared at these pictures multiple times a day since the catch. It’s hands down the most beautiful fish I have ever caught. Nothing I have ever caught before compares to the emerald green shimmer and markings of this apex predator – Beautiful Violence.
I can see how guys become totally obsessed with this fish. I believe, that I have just become one of them.
It’s known as the fish of 10,000 casts, and to quote my friend, The Fat Gordo – “Now that you got your first, every one after, is just a bonus.”


  1. Hell yeah, man!!! Congrats!! I actually caught my first ski on the fly with an FSA custom fly rod myself. Was my 3rd cast with it!!

  2. Thank you, Theresa!Thank you, Mark! Haha I never knew they were the fish of 10,000 casts, but I can see it. That's next up on my list of species to chase. This winter. GAME ON!

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