Ice Fishing

As I was wandering through Cabela’s killing time, and looking at a bunch of hooks, I came across some very small jigs that looked perfect for ice fishing. The hooks were 1/100 oz, and they had a clean hook shank to work with. 
  1.  I tie on some marabou for a tail (Do not cut off the excess.)
  2. Add some crystal flash for an attractor.
  3. Wrap the excess marabou around the rest of the hook shank.
  4.  Whip finish.
I am going to give ice fishing another shot this winter.

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  1. Yeah, I think you would have a hard time ice fishing in California. Haha. These are meant for an ice fishing rod. I did no think about using these with my fly rod until I checked out he blog Atlas referred me to in a comment below.

  2. Thanks, for telling me about that blog. Some good stuff over there. I might have to try tossing these with my fly rod. Never thought about it.

  3. Going back to Juan's comment about ice fishing here, we do a lot upcountry when the lakes are frozen over. When I say we, I'm not talking about me. Its those other guys.

  4. Thanks, Howard! I'm usually not one for ice fishing, but I haven't given it a legitimate shot. I tried it 1 time last year. I figured I'd give it at least 3 tries this year. Thanks, for the compliment!

  5. About as basic and simple a tie as you can get to do small jigs with. I may have to pay closer attention to Cabela's stock of hooks as I had not seen ones that small. I understand that Mini-jig fishing is quite popular in different parts of the country. I want to second Atlas's comment about FishnDave's blog. Great stuff over there…………….Now about that ice fishing………………… It is a bunch of fun if you are catching fish, if you are not, it is cold!

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