I’d just like to share some recent flies with you all, and my secret ingredient to all of my flies.
Pictured below is articulated bass fly.  Also in the picture, you will find the secret ingredient to all of my flies.  Yes, it’s true.  Fish love hot sauce!  I use Tabasco for my flies and I favor Cholula on my food when giardinara is not available.
No Name Fly Ingrediants
  1. Partridge of Redditch Predator X 4/0 Hook
  2. Black Magnum Zonker Strips
  3. Bronze Polar Chenille
  4. Black Polar Chenille
  5. Flymen Articulated Shank (Medium Sized One)
  6. Misfit Holo Head
  7. Tabasco Sauce – Spice it up!
If you’re a follower of The Fiberglass Manifesto, then you should be aware of a recent post of his that was a – Step by Step – pictorial of a Panther Branch Bugs fly named the “Mini Mouse.”  It’s a great looking pattern, and simple to tie.
Inspired, I was.  I got to tying my own, and played around with some different variations.  I’m happy with all 3.  Now I just need the fish in my area to start hitting top water already.
…And here we have my dogs, Daisy and Bo, doing a great impersonation of me the past 2 weeks.
Bumming around.

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