We all see those contests on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You know…like our page, comment, and share this post and you’re entered to win something. 

I enter most of these, and if the prize is something that is worth while, I will have my girlfriend enter, as well. 🙂
Recently, Misfit Fly Co. had a contest. You had to like and share their post, and post a picture of a fly you tied or a fish you caught. It didn’t have to have their product in the picture. I posted a picture of one of my baitfish patterns. Come to find out…I won! How awesome is that! What I won I had no idea until it arrived.
I’ve been wanting to order up some of the Misfit Holo Heads to tie with, because, they flat out look really cool. Pile Cast has tied up some really awesome flies with this product. I just haven’t gotten around to ordering up a few as a trial. Now I don’t have to, because, I won a nice little goodie bag of them!
Big thank you goes out to, Owner/Operator Brian Smolinski of Lund’s Fly Shop & Misfit Fly Co.
Check ’em out!

I also look forward to tying with the tube fly stuff. Never tried a tube fly before. Should be interesting!!!

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