The Chicago Bears weren’t looking pretty, and it was seemingly nice outside, so, I took the dogs for a walk, and then venture over to the area of Poplar Creek that I had never fished before. Click here for the previous post – Local Exploring.
Armed with my 3 wt, a sweater, and the bare necessities packed in my Vedavoo Utility Belt, and Hip Pack, I set out with zero expectations.
Gray skies, bare trees, and muddy banks.
It sure was nice to get out and wet a line in some unfamiliar water.  Although, I was not able to entice anything.  Looking forward to fishing this stretch in the summer months.  I have a feeling it’s a happening place for fun sized smallies and panfish.
Minimum Cowbell.
A bass pattern I’ve been tying that’s inspired by Nick Granato’s pattern Maximum Cowbell.

8 Replies to “Muddy Explorations”

  1. It's right around the corner, Mark! Wish it would just speed up it's paces a bit haha. Some of my biggest panfish have come in small bodies of water, as well. I love the small creeks around me. You never know what you're going to hook in to.

  2. Justin I've been muddied many times. That's how we find those secret holesJust wondering how long does it take to tie one of those streamers?

  3. Thanks, for stopping by, Bill! Could always use more cowbell, and apparently, Howard, wants more, too. I'll refer him to your Bulldogs. Ha

  4. I don't mind the mud for that reason that you give, Alan. That streamer pictured above doesn't take long at all. I'll be writing up a step by step come the new year. Maybe even a tying video. I haven't timed myself tying one of these, but if I had to guess, 15 minutes…not even…maybe?

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