Last November, I entered a contest on Instagram through Nautilus Reels.  The grand prize was a Nautilus Reels branded Yeti Cooler 35, and never did I think I was going to win, but I did!  Check out the blog post here – I WON A YETI.
Well, this summer, I put that cooler to work.  Taking it on all of my trips, and I have to say, I’m impressed.  I really didn’t get the hype around these coolers, but after using one, I get it.  This cooler really does keep ice longer, which is super beneficial when you’re going to need it to for a few days.
I have found the best use of this cooler is to use it for any food that will need to be kept cold, if you’re going to be out camping or on a trip for a few days.  Keeping beverages in a separate cooler.  If you’re not going to be needing to be keeping any food cold, it works great for your beverages.
One thing I absolutely love about the model I received, the Yeti 35, is that it fits perfectly in my kayak.  This way if I’m floating with a few people, I can carry all of the drinks in my kayak, and others won’t have to worry.  My kayak is a tank, and I don’t mind or even notice that my cooler is behind me.
Some other great things about the cooler, is that it has been a great stool around the house.  When my GF and I were putting up new curtains and rods, I used the Yeti to stand on, because, it gave me that extra height and stability I needed.
Oh, and it floats!  So, if there is ever a time I have the cooler in my kayak and a friend of mine needs a ride down river, I can just tie a rope to the cooler and toss it in the water, so, my friend can sit down in the back of my kayak.  How great is that!  I guess it would make a great PFD in case I ever capsized and my life jacket was not doing the trick.
Conclusion of this review – I love this cooler!

10 Replies to “Nautilus Reels Yeti Cooler Review”

  1. That's awesome! I think I'd tie a rope around my friends and keep the yeti in the kayak. Seriously, the odds are you'll make friends before you win another yeti.

  2. Howard! These are pictures from the summer. Your sticker is definitely on there now. Be on the look out for a post of all of the decorative stickers on my Yeti haha. You will see.

  3. Haha!!! That's funny, Drew!!! It's too bad I couldn't just sit on top of the cooler and use it like a paddle board. That would be pretty awesome! It floats great!

  4. you goofballs. too cute. 🙂 i wouldn't use a yeti cooler, but i love my yeti tumbler and use it for ice water at work. one fill of ice and it lasts 13 hours, even w/ several water adds each night.

  5. Glad you enjoyed that, Theresa! I'm the goof, and my buddy has no choice but to be apart of it when he's with me haha. I have a Yeti tumbler at work, too, and I love it! I have the same experience with it as you do.

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