My GF and I picked up our new grill right from the Weber Grill plant in Palatine, IL. When we were checking out grills, we both fell in love with the Gourmet Spirit series of Weber Grills. You will see why later in the pictures. My GF had a family hook up on Weber Grills, so, after a quick phone call we were able to save a few bucks, and pick up our grill the following week.
We got the grill back to the house, and staged on the deck. I had planned to put it together right away, but the lake was just calling my name. So, I set up my 5 wt and stepped out of the backyard, and fished for a short while. The crappie bite was hot, and I was also able to hook up with a few decent small bass. The small bass that I caught all had some size. They were eating very well.
Right when I finished my short outing, I was all set to set up the grill. Nope! Received a phone call from my GF, and she needed to be picked up, because, she locked her keys in her trunk at Home Depot. After picking her up, bringing her to get her spare key at her parents, we were back at the house, and I was finally ready to get building.
After a late night setting up the grill, it’s finally finished. I brought the grill outside and it looked picture perfect with the lake in the background. Now that it was all finished, and I had the day off, I grabbed my fly rod and went fishing.
The grill has 3 burners, and a cast iron grate. I’m a big fan of cast iron pans, and I fell in love with the cast iron grates. I’ve always grilled on the regular steel grates, but I figured this would be a nice change.
The center grate is removable.
…and it comes with a cast iron griddle. They also sell other accessories that fit the center separately, like a wok, pizza stone, and a searing grate.
I look forward to sharing my grilling adventures!

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  1. When does the Barbeque begin. I will drop by with some drinks and my five weight!

  2. If we all lived closer, that would most certainly be a great plan, Mel!! The lake in the back has been great, and my 5 wt has been getting a workout.

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