So, more than a few months ago, I was sent a direct message on Instagram.  The message was from “Keep It Reel Fishing.”  I was not the only person this message was sent to, there were, I think 19 other recipients.  (Whatever the max per message is.)
The message read as follows:
So, after reading that, you’re probably super jealous that myself and those 19 others received such a tasty deal, and you didn’t….AM I RIGHT?!?!?!
For real, after I read that message, I laughed, and read it again.  Now I know what you’re thinking, there’s no way that pitch worked.  I was thinking the same exact thing.
I couldn’t believe my eyes, and that’s when it hit me.  All of the individuals that responded that were “interested” were young kids.  What a low low thing to do…that terrible sales pitch combined with the use of the term “PRO STAFF” just fooled these young kids.  They saw the term “PRO STAFF” and got excited, and bought a shirt, because, they’re going to be on a pro staff.
I get it, you want to make money with your shirt sales.  I’m cool with that.  They should have just said, “the only way to be posted on our page, is if you buy a shirt, and are wearing that shirt in your fishy photo.  In turn this could lead to more likes and followers on your personal page.” …and left it at that.  Maybe I’m wrong about the message they sent, maybe some of you will agree with me, and some of you won’t.
Just remember, I get it.  They’re just trying to capitalize on the free and glorious open market that is Instagram, and I’ve got no issue with that.  I just disagree with how they are doing it, well in this case particular.
I did end up replying, and it went like this…..
Not a bad deal, right??  I was really hoping we could work out a deal, and Pro Staff each other, but Keepitreelfishing, doesn’t fly fish.  Boo hoo.  Not to worry!!  I am always prepared.  I’ve also got codes of my own, too!
Unfortunately, I was ignored by all.  I think I should have used the term “PRO STAFF” more, and maybe I could have hooked Keepitreelfishing to join forces.  Not the case.  Keepitreelfishing continued to “fish” for more sales the next day, and then I left a comment that was 100% true.
I received a new private direct message from keepitreelfishing sent to me, and me only soon after my comment.  Did they finally cave and decide to exchange Pro Staff titles????
Unfortunately, they were not happy with my comment, because, it was the truth.
Apparently, I am a broke, jealous, hater, that catches half pounders….
Then why offer me such an amazing deal to be a part of the Keep It Reel Fishing – Pro Staff!?!?!  If you know I’m broke, why ask me to buy something.  If you don’t like the 1/2 pounders I catch, why ask me to be on your “PRO STAFF”!?!?!?!
Well, after informing them that Pro Staffing was a competitive market, I was blocked, and could no longer communicate with them.  I was just trying to keep it real, but it’s unfortunate, they were not.

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