Pulled the trigger on a new (used) toy.

I am no longer anchored to the shore!

It’s an Ascend FS12T. It’s a 12 foot, sit on top kayak, with 2 flush mount rod holders, a terrible placed forward rod holder.

I took it out this morning an hour after picking it up. It was a very windy day, so, I left my fly rod in the truck, and brought my spinning and bait casting set ups.

No fish were caught, but it was a treat to be out on the water in my own vessel. I am very excited that I now have the capability to explore the places I like to fish, without, the restrictions of the shoreline.

After my first short outing, I have 2 issues…
1. The 2 hatches do not seal water tight, and a little water gets is able to get into the hull. They do not have any lining to them. I have been told marine goop will fix that no problem.

2. Some forgetfulness on both my part, and the guy who sold the yak to me (used)….No scupper plugs. I sat in water the entire time. Didn’t even notice until I got up and out of the yak. Anyone have any suggestions on some good scupper plugs?

All advice, tips, tricks, websites, and knowledge are always welcome, and appreciated!
Thank you, all, in advance!!

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of Kayak fishing. I just saw a guy the other day in one of those Ascends. Looked pretty slick. Can't wait to hear more reports from your yak. Hope the problems get fixed.

  2. Hit pets smart – the cat aisle – and get some of those little foam golf balls. Works great for scupper plugs. Leave the poorly placed mount where it is and just get a new mount. That weird one can be used for all sorts of things

  3. Thanks! I will be stopping there today. I'll leave the mount where it is, and think of another use for it. Maybe a camera mount with an extended arm that goes away from me.

  4. Thanks, for the welcome! I've been kayak fishing before, in some friends spare not so good yak. This one is so much more comfortable and bigger than what I have been able to use in the past. Lovin' it so far! I just love that I'm not limited to beating a path on the shore.

  5. Thanks!!! I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it, too. No more walking around my lakes to see fishy area, only to be non accessible, because, of nature. Now I can fish those spots…but from the water :).

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