Forever exploring the North.
2 lane roads, tall trees, endless amount of rivers and lakes, and no ambient light to hide the stars at night.  These are just a few of my favorite things.
There’s just something special about finding beautiful places like this at random.
Smallmouth, musky, pike, trout, New Glarus beer, and cheese curds.  A few more of my favorite things.
I fished a few places along this river with some great success.  I was able to entice some fish at 3/4 spots.  The next time I head up, I’m going to spend some more time at these areas with my kayak and waders.
Here’s a small pike that came out to play.  I asked where Mom and Dad were, but his lips were sealed.
Another spot warrented some hefty bronze smalljaws.  Oh how I love these river brutes, and the fight they put up.
This one had some real battle wounds.  Hawk?  Eagle?  Snapping turtle?  Musky?  Pike?  Whatever it was, the wound was fresh.
Cannot wait to get back up there.  I know my Subaru Outback enjoys the dirt gravel logging roads. 
Until next time.

8 Replies to “Northwoods Exploring: Part 2”

  1. When I used to get back home to Ill. there were always trips planned to sneak up to Wisconsin to fish. So Much Water and So Little Time. Nice fish J.

  2. What an awesome area..So much to explore. If it wasn't for all the snow I might be moving soon. As it is, I'll come up when it's warm and keep reading your blog.

  3. Yeah, I wish I lived in an area that was warm all year round, but I know I wouldn't have places like this to go to and explore. One of the many things that keeps me here.

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