While visiting my best friend who lives just outside of Toledo, Ohio, I was able to fished the Maumee River one day for about 45 minutes. The river is huge! The section I fished was wide. It had a mix of deep pools and shallow sections.

I was being a rebel, and did not purchase a fishing license, so, it was going to be a very short outing. I was tossing a black spinnerbait with a Colorado blade. In my short time I was able to hook up with a beautiful smallmouth bass. I hooked up with 2 of the biggest white bass I have ever seen, but I was unable to bring them to hand, and they self released after going airborne. I also, snagged a line that had a live gar the end of it, but I wasn’t able to get the line close enough to grab, so, I could help set the fish free. Bummed about that one.

Looking forward to returning out there for an extended trip, and getting a fishing license, so, I’m not looking over my shoulder after every cast.

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  1. I learned long ago to not press my luck with fishing licenses. I am quite sure my luck has not changed………………………….On the other hand, that is a really nice Smallie!

  2. True, but I'm not one to fish without one. I wasn't expecting to fish, but my best friend kept insisting. Peer pressure got to me.

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