Pig Farm Ink x F3T present Online Iron Fly! To celebrate the Fly Fishing Film Tour going virtual due to the pandemic, Pig Farm Ink thought it would be a great idea to host the after party.

When you’re done watching the Virtual live stream of the tour on August 27th, make plans to get yourself outside. While you’re out there doing something fun, collect materials for 2 flies. 1 fly that’s made of all natural materials you find, and the other fly from trash that you pick up.

For more details on this particular #OnlineIronFly challenge please watch the video (Edited by me) and check out the posters below.

Video edited by yours truly.

To see past Pig Farm Ink Online Iron Fly challenge entries check out the hashtag on Instagram – #OnlineIronFly. The Go Outside theme of this one with the F3T should have some great entries.

Pig Farm Ink x F3T: Online Iron Fly
Poster Art by Dan Nelson
Pig Farm Ink x F3T: Online Iron Fly

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