Public Service Announcement about bad weather from the Minnesota Fly Fishing Artists

Here’s a Public Service Announcement about Inclement Weather from Artist and Fly Fishing Guide Josh DeSmit of the Minnesota Fly Fishing Artists. With Summer fast approaching and more people able to get out on the water, we would just like to remind everyone to be smart out there when it comes to weather. This PSA goes for anyone fishing out of a boat, wading or working the banks.

Towards the end of the summer I was out filming with 3/4’s of the Minnesota Fly Fishing Artists. Just like most films there’s a bunch of left over footage that doesn’t make the final cut. Instead of deleting that footage I was able to create this fun Public Service Announcement about inclement weather.

Please visit each of the Minnesota Fly Fishing Artists website or follow them on social media. They’re all incredibly talented, fishy, and rad dudes!

  1. Josh DeSmit – WebsiteInstagramFacebook
  2. Jake Keeler – WebsiteInstagramFacebook
  3. Ted HansenWebsiteInstagramFacebook
  4. Charlies Forbes – Stone Arch Tattoo FacebookInstagram
Public Service Announcement Inclement Weather Minnesota Fly Fishing Artists Group Photo

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