So, I finally watched the much talked about film “Low & Clear.” I have read quite a bit about this film, and have seen the trailer more than a few times, and it looked great.

The film lived up, and exceeded my expectations. The story and characters kept me interested, and wanting more. It was cool to see 2 old friends with different outlooks on fishing, using 2 different techniques, share the same goal – Wild British Columbia steelhead.

I love the fact that JT (one of the guys the film revolves around) says, “it’s not about the fish.” Yet, you can tell that he still has that competitive spirit friends have when out fishing with one another. We all know the feeling. We all want to be the one to hook up with the most and/or biggest fish.

I’m just glad JT stuck to his guns, and continued to do what he set out to do – practice, and perfect his spey cast, and land a steelhead with a streamer. I was really pulling for the guy. While his friend Xenie was pulling steelhead in one after another and kept hooting and hollering. That would have driven me nuts, and I’m sure I would have switched techniques.

The camera work of the film was outstanding, and so was the soundtrack. Some of the shots they were able to capture really blew my mind, and my eyes just want to say, thank you! My favorite has to be the shots where the water look like glass. There was practically no movement to the water, and it seemed like JT was weightlessly standing on the surface like a dry fly.

The dvd also has some extra bonus features. The Northwoods Short is just awesome! It’s about 2 minutes long, but the musky the guy catches is beautiful.

LOW & CLEAR Official Trailer from Finback Films on Vimeo.

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