It’s that time of year, again.  I usually head up to my grandparent’s camper with my Uncle and Cousin Donny, but this year was different.  My Grandmother and Father were already up at the camper, and my Father called and asked if I could come up and help out.  Of course my answer was, yes.
I didn’t have to clear the screened patio of any leaves this year.  What a relief!  That made things go much quicker.  We were able to get the canopy over the patio, no problem.
Zip tie the canopy to the supports, because, you can’t fully trust the velcro to hold when there is a storm with strong winds rolling through.
That be my father.
No Carpet….
My Grandmother and Father
With carpet.
Once we were done with all of the heavy stuff, we decided to eat lunch, and then my father and I headed down to the lake to see if anything was biting.  My father has never used plastic artificial worms, so, I rigged him up with my spinning rod and a wacky rigged senko.  I told him to cast it out, let it drop, pick it up, reel in the slack, let it sink, and repeat.
What do ya know…he hooked up with a feisty male on his 2nd cast!  Pretty cool, and kind of funny how the tables have turned.  He taught me how to fish when I was a little kid (1st grade) using live bait and watching a red/white bobber, and now here we are, roughly 27 years from those days, and I’m teaching him how to fish using artificial lures.
He ended up hooking up with 3 more after that first one, while I was tossing a fly and receiving no attention from anything.


My father got hung up and lost the worm he had on, and called it a day.  I on the other hand, put away the fly rod, and took the spinning rod and rigged it up with another wacky worm, and there you have it.  I beat the skunk.  My father bragged about how he had me beat 4 – 1 when we got back to the camper.

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