My GF passed on whatever sickness she had last weekend to me, so, I can be miserable this past weekend. With temps in the 40-50s and the sun shining, I watched from our 2nd floor bedroom window as all of the snow melted away, and ice start to retreat to corners of the backyard lake.

Saturday afternoon I had it. I just had to go outside and make a cast, and to get some fresh air for me and Bo (One of our dogs. The other is visiting my mom.). My GF eventually came outside and enjoyed the sunshine, as well.

I casted a square bill lure in a natural colored pattern with my baitcaster. I hooked something 10 minutes in, and to my surprise it was a carp!! It was hooked on the outside of the mouth with the front treble hook, and on the side of the head with the back treble. Is it a catch? – I’ll allow it.

Right behind me is my GF’s townhouse. Pretty sweet!
…and here’s the face I’m sure everyone makes when a fish is set to flop right out of your hands. Luckily, this one didn’t escape my grasp, but you can definitely see the concern on my face. HAHA!
This picture is definitely a wall hanger!
Off it goes. Hopefully, the next time I hook up with that carp, it’ll be with my fly rod, and I won’t be sick. Don’t you just love a good release shot! I know I do. Not bad for a 15 minute outing. Oh, Happy Days!!
**It started to snow again on Sunday afternoon, and as of this Monday morning, I can see that we accumulated about 3 inches of heavy wet snow. When will it end!!!

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