I’ve been rockin’ the Simms Rogue Fleece Hoodie since September, and I absolutely love it. I’m not a fan of big bulky jackets, so, this fit the bill. I could have easily went with the XL, but I opted for the XXL, because, I like my layers. (It’s a Midwest thing). I have an Under Armour fleece jacket that I like to wear as a base, and it fits perfectly under the hoodie. The two of those combined have stood up to the subzero temps that we have been experiencing here in the Chicagoland area this winter.

When the temps are up to the 30’s, the hoodie is all I need. It has repelled water fairly well, for being a hoodie. I love that is has 2 chest pockets, and a slot for headphones. I am also, a big fan of the camo pattern by Simms.

Geez! I didn’t realize I had such a love fest with this hoodie, until I wrote this.

Fact – I do love this hoodie! 🙂

If you like hoodies, and don’t mind putting up $80 bucks for one, I say, go for it!

Note: I might have been lucky to find it for the price I did, because, after a quick search I only see it listed for $90+  ….still worth it IMO.

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  1. im a hoodie type of guy myself, glad to hear your good experience with this one and for the price it needs to be a good product. i dont think you can really go wrong with Simms though. sometimes a hoodie under a waterproof shell is all you need to endure some of the worst that chicago has to throw at you

  2. Wearing a Hoodie this morning also. Just not a Simms! They sure make very good products so a buyer feels they can't go wrong with Simms. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Simms Hoodie.

  3. Right on, man! I also, forgot to add that the hoodie is fairly water resistant. It's not water-proof by any means, but it can handle a drizzle or a tail splash from a fish. I also, love how it zips up really high to my nose with room to spare. Not like other hoodies that get tight when you get up toward the face.I don't think you could go wrong with any of Simms products, either. I have the wind stopper jacket, and it's been a solid piece of outerwear for me, too.

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