Aren’t they cute

These 2 are hard to capture in a picture together. I was finally able to get another picture of the two of them. After this […]

Bo Knows…Swings!

Over the weekend while my GF and I were taking the dogs for a walk, she thought it would be funny if she put Bo […]

Merry Christmas

I just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I hope you’re all able to spend Christmas the way you would like to. I […]

Not Amused

Had the day off on Friday, so, I took my girl Daisy to get her nails cut. From the looks on her face, I’d say […]

Bo Knows Kayaking

Borrowed a kayak from my buddy Bobba-Dood. Took the GF out on a local lake for a spin around, and we decided to take her […]

Found some models

These are my and my girlfriends dogs. Daisy (pitbull), and Bo (shit-poo). I hired them for cheap. A few pieces of chicken was all that […]