Borrowed a kayak from my buddy Bobba-Dood. Took the GF out on a local lake for a spin around, and we decided to take her dog Bo, because, Bo knows kayaking. Bo knows…
The outing started out great. Bo started out nervous, as we expected.
Then he became over confident, and then nervous.
…and then he jumped in the water, in the middle of a weed bed, and came out looking like swamp thing.
(unfortunately, I did not get pictures of this.)
Soon after, we paddled back with a wet dog.
The End.
Other fun facts
Bo Knows….
  • How to hide marshmallows under my bed.
  • How to jump on the dining room chair, table, and grab a bag of snacks for him and Daisy.
  • pooping.
  • How to howl like he’s a big bad wolf.

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