Valentine’s Day hook hearts are a super original idea. Not really. It’s the furthest thing to original fly fishing content next to posting a bunch of pictures of San Juan Worms. Dang it. I should have made San Juan Worm hearts. Oh wait, that’s been done, too. Why am I even writing this. My train of thought is gone. It’s out the window and immediately froze in the -16 degree weather. Get yourself a heart shaped pizza today, and eat it.

Valentine's Day Hook Hearts
Valentine's Day Hook Hearts and fly tying

If for some crazy strange reason you scrolled all the way to the bottom of this page, and it’s still Valentines Day, you should take a moment and find this post on my Instagram page. I’m going to give something random (sticker, fly…) away from my office to the person that correctly (or is closest) guesses how many “hook hearts” I see on the socials on Valentine’s Day.

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