Are you familiar with Vedavoo’s new Microbursts? Well, you should be. Founder Scott Hunter has been coming up with new ways to give vintage patches new life on some very special Vedavoo pieces. You’ll primarily hear about their drop first via email (Vedavoo Campfire Email List), but Scott has said that you just never know when or where they will pop up.

One of my favorite pieces to come out Vedavoo’s new Microbursts line up is the Midwest Outdoors workbench apron. Such a cool vintage patch featuring one of my favorite fish…the musky. Whoever was lucky enough to snag that one has an extremely cool piece of fly tying gear.

Check out this cool set of 3 different sized dopp bags featuring a set of vintage bass patches. Each patch has their own unique coloring making them different from one another. So cool! I would have loved to know where these patches all lived or originated from before donning some great American made Vedavoo gear.

If you’re in the market for some really great American made fly fishing gear, then I highly suggest that you check out Vedavoo. At the very least, sign up for the Campfire Email list so you can see all of the great Microbursts that come out.

Full disclosure: I am currently an employee of Vedavoo. I totally think the gear is great, and support it!

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