I finally, got most of my things organized at my GF’s new place. One of the things I was looking forward to getting cleaned off was my fly tying desk, because, it’s fly tying season!!! The desk may look clean now, but don’t you worry. It’ll be a complete mess in 2 weeks. There’s going to be buck tail, feathers, and all kinds of other dead animal fur all over the place, and soon enough, my GF might have me looking for a new place, if I don’t clean it up. Haha….we all know there is almost no way to keep a dedicated fly tying area clean, for long anyway.
With that said, I just couldn’t wait to get the vise out, and making a mess. I had a few orders that were put on hold while I was in the process of moving, so, that was first on my agenda.
Finished up an order for a local guy who just started out fly fishing, and has been wanting to hook up with some pike with his 8 wt. Tied him up 3 goodies. 2 to his color specifications, and 1 chef’s choice. The fire tiger pattern is my go to for my local river, the Des Plains River.
I can already hear my GF yelling for me to get the vacuum.
Let the fun begin! =)

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  1. I just wanted to comment on the flies. Nice job! Hope the GF takes a minute or two to understand the obsession with fly fishing and fly tying……………………………….

  2. Oh, my dogs love my fly tying materials. I've gotta watch them when I have it out. They have snuck away with stuff in the past.

  3. Haha I wish I had a trailer, but my Outback has plenty of room for me. Plus, I am used to sleeping in it. I slept in my car quite a few times this summer, while away on fishing trips.

  4. Thank you, Mel! I appreciate that! Oh she understands. When we were at my place she couldn't say anything about the mess, because, it was my place. This is her place now, but she understands. She laughed when she read this post.

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