Whiskey Leatherworks Bitterroot Wallet in indigo blue

Recently, I picked up a Whiskey Leatherworks Bitterroot Wallet in Indigo Blue. I am a big fan of handmade American gear and always on the lookout for cool and new brands, especially if the makers of that gear also share the same passions and hobbies.

Dan and Ally Earnest are from Montana and started Whiskey Leatherworks in 2013. Not only do they make some great leather goods, but they’re also in to fly fishing.

Whiskey Leatherworks Bitterroot Wallet close up of logo.

I first learned Whiskey Leatherworks through one of the companies that I work for Vedavoo. Whiskey Leatherworks makes Floatant Caddy that Vedavoo has for sale on the website. I learned more about the Montana duo from a the Remote No Pressure Podcast that I frequently listen to.

The Whiskey Leatherworks Bitterroot Wallet is perfect for those that enjoy a small footprint in their pocket for every day carry. There are 5 different colored leathers (Natural Brown Chromexcel, Indigo Blue, English Tan Dublin, Black Latigo, and Natural Veg Tan). There are also 3 options for stitching (Sinew, Blue Fly Line, and Green Fly Line), as well.

Whiskey Leatherworks Bitterroot wallet close up sinew stitching

If you find yourself in the market for a new leather wallet, belt, drink ware accessories and more give Whiskey Leatherworks a look. I’m really looking forward to seeing the character and patina the Indigo blue leather and sinew stitching get after a few months of every day use.

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