This past weekend, I was invited out to a local lake that I have never fished before, to participate in a small gathering with some guys from a local fishing forum that I frequent WindyCityFishing.  The man organizing this shin dig is Kevin aka “Bassman29” but he should also be known as the Grill Master! …or cigar man, because, he owns Utopia Cigars (Great place BTW and he is extremely knowledgeable.)

Grill Mater Kevin
I was at a Lake X this Spring with DanK and Kevin showed up to fish, but he also brought his grill, and grilled us up some sausage when we took a break around lunch time.  Man, what a great guy!  If you’re reading this, Kevin, thanks, for the hot dogs!!!

Before cheese was added.  Kevin is a master of char…and I love charred burgers.
These sausages were absolutely delicious!

It was a fun outing.  I seriously got almost next to no fishing in, because, I spend most of my time talking with some new and familiar faces.  It’s always great to put a face to a screen name behind the many reports that are put up, and to see who is reading your stuff.

There were quite a few Ascend kayaks that showed up.  Here is mine and Kevins. Awww aren’t they cute.

A fellow Windy City Fisher, Keith, has this really badass kayak.  It’s called a “SCANOE.”  I have never heard of these, and I thought that it was a nickname for his boat, but I was wrong, it’s the actual name.  There’s a lot of DIY mounts on this water craft.  Those seats are definitely not stock, they’re from the bar stools at his parents house…and yes, they still swivel.  My other favorite part is his outriggers.  2 Scotty mounts on each side paired with crab pot floats.  WHAT!!!


I wish I was able to stay longer than I did, but I had to leave early.  I caught zero fish, but had many many laughs.  After I had left, I learned that there were a few fish caught, and the biggest one of the day went to Keith.  I don’t have the picture here, but I’ll link you to the post.  It was a very nice LMB.


More SCANOE with Kevin and Keith.

Looking forward to the next BBQ, and I’ll be sure to clear my entire schedule for it!

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  1. Trust me, Mark. When I go out on outings, it usually a quick lunch of a sandwich or a cliff bar, or I hold out until I get home.

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