We’re finally have been having somewhat consistently warmer weather (40-50-60 degrees). I had planned to take the kayak out and fish a local lake in search of some hungry Spring pike and musky. I didn’t get the early start I wanted, because, it was EXTREMELY windy, but eventually I got out there in the afternoon.
Good times are on the horizon.
What a great day it was to be on the water. I brought 3 of my big flies, and a few spinnerbaits for my baitcaster. There were 2 other guys I am familiar with from a fishing forum out on the lake along with me. They were tossing spinnerbaits, and hooking up with some decent sized bass.
8/0 Musky/Pike single baitfish.
I, on the other hand, did not hook up with any fish. I did, however, came very close to piercing my ear. Lucky for me, the hook missed and caught my hat. I was alternating between my fly rod and my baitcaster the whole time. Switching to my baitcaster when the wind picked up, but in this instance, I was stubborn and decided to try and cast my fly, but the wind picked up even more.
It’s instances like that, that remind me not to press my luck, and I hope you all remember that, too! Be careful out there!
If it were to have pierced my ear, I would have had to tie up a duplicate for the other ear.
I also, forgot my waders, and didn’t have a pair of sandals with me, either. My feet were frozen. Haha Gotta love the early season struggles. =)
Happy Days!
Oh, how I’ve missed writing, and reading blogs. I’ve been busy, but I am looking forward to catching up on all that I’ve missed!!! I’ve got some time set aside for that tomorrow.

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  1. When you get a few more years behind you and become lot better fisherman you'll be able to hook yourself a few times each trip. Keep practicing. 😉

  2. Spring storm season is definitely upon us. There was a really bad tornado that occurred in Northern Illinois. Lots and lots of damage.

  3. I'm working on it, Howard! Ever since I've started, I haven't hooked myself. I've slapped my back and head a few times, but no punctures. **KNOCK ON WOOD***

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