During the Christmas weekend, I was back home in Chicago.  I had some free time, so, I hit up my homie DANK to see if he wanted to get out and fish.  There were a few issues with that…It was freezing cold, I didn’t have any of my fishing gear, and I didn’t have a car.  DANK replied to my text “I got you dude.”
We both were just excited to be out casting a line, but our hopes to catch any fish were not very high.  I borrowed one of DANK‘s spin setups and I tied on a small weighted paddle tail minnow.  On my 5th cast the rod bent and I was hooked up.  A little Larry came out to play, and I was oh so thankful to him.  Quick shot, and release.
DANK and I proceeded to catch more than a few fish each, and it made for a excellent morning/afternoon winter fishing session.
If you know the spot, do the right thing and just keep it to yourself. 🙂
DANK hooked up with some very healthy looking Illinois bass, and it made for an excellent day out there with my homie.  Thank you, for picking me up and letting me play with your rod!
Action Shot.
Them IKE’s are on point DANK.
Say ahhh

This was without a doubt my last outing in the calendar year that is 2017, and it was a great one.  Fish were caught, and I got to hang out with one of my bestest friends.  I hope one day he reads my blog 🙂

DANK with the biggest bass of the day.
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