This winter definitely sucks.
The snow keeps falling.
It gets colder and colder.
My cabin fever rises
I am beginning to lose patients.
That groundhog better see it’s shadow.

I’ve been tying some small stuff lately. Any advise is appreciated.

Bead head brassie size 14
Steelhead Blue Prince Nymph Size 14 
Olive Prince Nymph size 14

A bunch of size 10 green grublins.

Size 22 zebra midge.

7 Replies to “Winter Sucks”

  1. JustinAnyone of those patterns would land trout; my all time midge favorite has to be the zebra midge. I land trout on that one pattern when nothing else works. Sorry to say there will be 6 more weeks of winter, according to the groundhog this morning. Thanks for sharing some great fly patterns

  2. Thank, Bill!What other color pattern do you like for the Zebra Midge, other than the original black and silver? I just saw the news on the groundhog…sad. Looks like it's more vise time for me.

  3. Justin, I agree some buggy looking flies there. Good work! I am interested in knowing more about the Grublin. I am thinking the Bluegill and Crappie would give the Trout a run for their money on this neat looking nymph, Thanks for anything you might share with me.

  4. Thanks, Mel!The green grublins are as simple as they look. I used a size 10 egg hook, because, I was out of caddis/scud hooks. Green bead head from, and ice dubbing in either caddis green or chartreuse. Simple as that! I already know the bluegill and crappies love this pattern. For extra weight if needed, simply wrap some .20 lead on the hook before you tie on the ice dub. I haven't tried this pattern for trout, yet.

  5. Winter is definitely good for something, but this winter flat out sucks. More snow on the way. I might take a break from the vise and make the best out of the snow. I think some sledding is in order.Damn that groundhog!

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