2015 was full of fish of all sizes, new water, laughs, and good times in my white sunglasses.  I continued my 2014 resolution to “Explore New Water.”  The amount of water around me in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan is simply incredible, so, I’m just going to make that my resolution every year.

Two of my favorite posts of the year about my explorations up North.
One of my favorite non-report type post from this year on becoming a Bass Pro.  I should do more like this.
River Warrior. This one was an absolute beast!
This year has also brought many surprises.  One of those surprises was my first Flathead Channel Catfish caught on the Maumee River in Toledo Ohio with a chatterbait.  It also wins an award for being the smelliest fish I have ever caught.
Grip, grin, and hold your breath!!

I’ve been trying to catch a carp on the fly for over 2 seasons now (I think), and I finally did it!  Looking forward to hooking up with some of it’s bigger relatives and hearing my drag scream!

I’ve struck GOLD!!!
This Summer I hosted a successful PIG FARM INK: Iron Fly event with the help of homies UA Dave and Adam Alexander.  I was very pleased with the turnout, and look forward to hosting another one, so, be on the look out for the next one, and a late blog post about this one.  Haha
PIG FARM INK – Iron Fly!
Here are just a few of my favorite photographs from this Summer.  Coincidentally, they’re all from my trips North.
CARF approves this message.
Keep ’em wet.
Sassy Snapper and The Fat Gordo.
2015 Fish of the Year Award goes to…..
The Backyard Pumpkinseed!
I had never seen one with this coloration on one before.  My first reaction to seeing this fish was, “what the hell is that!?!?!”  Then I calmed my excitement and got lost in it’s beauty.  The Pumpkinseed also had a great answer on the topic of world peace…Make Bugs Not War!
What a beautiful fish.
There has been a terrible mistake.
The Pumpkinseed is the 1st runner up.
The actual winner of the 2015 Fish of the Year goes to a catch I have written no post for, and have shared only 1 photograph of it.  Basically, I’ve been keeping her all to myself.  It’s a fish I’ve been chasing hard the past few years with my fly rod, with plenty of ups, downs, and many many missed opportunities.  Without further adieu, I give you…
The 2015 Fish of the Year…
Northwoods Musky!
39 inches of beautiful violence.
Caught fly fishing, with one of my own flies.
My personal best musky and fish to date.  This picture only shows 1/4 of my excitement.
Smile – you’re on camera!
I would like to thank all of my readers and followers.  I would also like to wish all of you a happy and safe New Years!
Chewy, get ready to engage the hyper drive.
2016 here we come!

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  1. That's definitely not a geezer phrase, Mark. I think it's a timeless phrase, that I often use in my daily speech. Hope you have a great New Year, and continue to rock 'n roll!

  2. Some 40 years ago, a childhood friend was making a name for himself breeding and showing tropical fish. At one prestigious competition, to be judge by an Amazonian specialist, he entered a pumpkinseed as a joke. It won \”Best fish of the show\”.

  3. That is an awesome story! I never knew there were fish breeding competitions, and who would have thought with all of the amazing looking ciclids out there that a pumpkinseed would win. Thanks, for stopping by and sharing!

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