Back in May (I think…sooo long ago haha)….I attended a fly tying event hosted by Jen of Dun Magazine and Kurt of a Tight Loop.  The purpose of the event was to tie flies that were going to be donated to the Milwaukee charter for Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing or PHWFF.  All that was needed was your vise, and tools.  All of the other materials were provided.
The event took place at a fantastic unknown ( me) distillery not far from my home named Copper Fiddle Distillery.  Travis the mixologist or mix master working behind the counter is a magician who creates some fantastic drinks.  If you’re ever in that area, I suggest you stop.

The fly to be tied for the Milwaukee PHWFF Chapter was the ever so reliable clouser minnow.  I forget the total number of people that showed up, but it was a fantastic turnout, and a lot of flies were tied.

Quite the turnout.
It was a great event that was for an excellent cause.
Clousers for a Cause.

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  1. Man…you're killing me with this. We don't have anything like it in my area. No local events or anything to attend related to fly fishing. Plus I live in a dry county!! This looks cool!

  2. That's just an open window for you to maybe get something started!-Fly Tying meet up (if you tie)-Garbage pick up on a local water way.-Forum outingIdeas are endless. It's a good way to get others to take notice of the sport!Wow, I was completely unaware that there were still dry counties still in existence. What county? Are there other dry counties nearby?

  3. Same here, Howard. Who would have thought!Thanks, Howard! The real kudos should be given to Jen and Kurt. They made it happen, and I just showed up. Haha

  4. JustinHow I wish I could have been at this event. I am so into watching how easy it is for professional tiers to show an amateur like me how it is done. The cause could not have been for any better organization. Glad you got to attend. thanks for sharing

  5. You would have been welcomed to join, Bill. There were a few guys there that were just wanting to hang out with like minded individuals and have some fishy conversations. I, too, love watching other people tie, as well. Especially when they're tying flies that I do know how to tie, because, it's interesting to see how different everyone's approach is.

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