First Time Turkey Hunting

My first time turkey hunting was a great experience. I chose a familiar piece of public land that I found while perusing the On X […]

Virtual Noob: Mop Fly

I’ve mentioned the Virtual Noob series about 2 weeks ago here on the blog, and now I’ll be teaching. The @confluence.collective Virtual Noob Fly Tying Series […]

Online Iron Fly – Week 3

The Pig Farm Ink x Vedavoo Online Iron Fly – Week 3 is live and the theme for this week is your vehicle. Tie a […]

Online Iron Fly Week 2 Favorites

The Week 2 of the Pig Farm Ink x Vedavoo #onlineironfly has concluded. Just like Week 1 of Online Iron Fly the submissions did not […]

Get Trashed Solo

Get Trashed Solo – If you planned to get out on the water this weekend (safely of course) why not do something good for the […]

Online Iron Fly – Week 2

Week 2 of the Online Iron Fly Challenge starts 04/08/2020 – Help get the word out by sharing this post with all of your homies […]

Online Iron Fly Week 1 Favorites

Here are some of my favorites from week 1 Pig Farm Ink x Vedavoo Online Iron Fly. The fly needed to be tied with materials […]

Confluence Collective: Virtual Noob Series

The Confluence Collective Virtual Noob Series is something you should keep on your radar if you’ve been interested in fly tying. This community learning series […]